A little about Me!
I’m Freaking Out!

1). I have a place to move into!

2). School starts tomorrow

3). I havent really remembered my nursery rhyme.. =/


Lazy Day! Well Other than getting an oil change and seeing Spot!

well I got my hair done! Too bad nobody noticed =/

and now i can wear my bangs straight across or side swept! 


quick! I need help =/

Should I Be Happy or Not?


Well, I have just realized that I have subconciously been doing my make up like Emily Browning’s in Sucker Punch… YAY! 

So funny, well in my mind it is =p



Be Crazy, Be Stupid, Be Wild, Be Silly… Life’s Too Short To Be “Cool”
Farewell Little Buddy

I’m going to miss your goofy smile, and the way I could turn to you for help. You will never be forgotten <3